Teeth Grinding – Bruxism

Dr. Spivak offers a wide range of occlusal splints depending on the patient’s habits, day and/or evening, the strenght of their bite and the size, shape and number of existing teeth. Each case is differentt and therefore certain splints will work better than others in each individual case!

The most prescribed splint for bite opening and posturing.
Highly recommended for protecting cosmetic restorations.
Cases needing maximum retention, stability and comfort.
Patients with missing teeth, long crowns or unusual draw.

The most durable, yet comfortable splint for heavy bruxers, grinders and strong muscled clenchers.
Excellent protection for cosmetic restorations.

Traditional Hard Splints are indicated for:
Cases where maximum rigidity and strength are a priority.
Not recommended for patients with cosmetic restorations

A Hard splint alternative for patient with allergies to monomers